ZBrush Artist Spotlight: Mr. Luiz Alberto Alipio

by Joshua Diokno   

As evidenced by his work on his online portfolios, Mr. Luiz Alberto Alipio is an artist worthy of attention. Fostered by formal education and sheer talent, his works are exemplary and indicative of originality and his mastery of ZBrush. His technique breathes new life to characters who have been interpreted many times over. Seeing them online are a visual treat.

But despite his expertise, Mr. Alipio admits to being a work-in-progress, knowing that he can and will still improve. Xeno Creatives is glad to be given a chance to interview Mr. Alipio to get to know his creative process, his motivations, and aspirations as he treads the 3D industry.

Xeno Creatives (XC): We understand that with just about any craft, passion takes precedence. In your case, how did it start becoming a passion? Would we be right in assuming that you consider it a ‘calling’ as a lot of your contemporaries do?

Luiz Alberto Alipio (LAA): I believe it started since I was a child, I always liked to draw, so I always had a connection with art. I remember once, during my adolescence, I watched some videos on YouTube about Zbrush. I was enchanted by it. I kept imagining if one day I would work with it. Being able to work with it today brings a most rewarding feeling.

XC: Was there ever an art piece (digital or otherwise) or artist who bolstered your interest in 3D art and motivated you to enter the space? When did you get involved fully in the industry?

LAA: I have always liked 3D animation films. I believe I’ve watched them all. I wanted to work on a film like Pixar’s, but then I found out about collectibles and wanted to be involved in their production. The artist I most admire in terms of quality is Daniel Bel.

XC: Now that you’re an active part of the industry, would you say you have a solid place in it?

LAA: I believe I still have a lot to learn. I’m only close to 2 years in the industry. I can still go further.

XC: What does your day look like in production?

LAA: I start my day planning what I’m going to do throughout the day. I usually answer emails and perform more bureaucratic tasks. Afterwards, I work on my projects.

XC: What are the common challenges a 3D artist like you encounters daily in a project?

LAA: The main challenge is to create in 3D, which already exists in a 2D concept. Usually in 2D there are things that work in a certain way, but they don’t always work in 3D the same way, making these adaptations is always a challenge, but it’s really fun when you get to the end result.

XC: We have seen your works on ArtStation and we were really impressed with your style. Do you have any favorite works?

LAA: Thank you very much! I really like Noor’s project from the Zindan comics. It was my first professional project. It was very challenging for me. After finishing work on it, new projects started lining up, so this project is very special to me.

XC: What would you consider your biggest or most exciting project to date?

LAA: I would have to say ‘Seiya’. I made it for an Anime contest organized by artist Fabiano Carlos. Saint Seiya is one of my favorite series from childhood, so being able to create something from one of my favorite characters was really cool.

XC: If you were to market yourself, what would you highlight as your edge?

LAA: I believe that I can capture the essence of the characters I model. Placing them in suspended animation is difficult, but I can do it.

XC: If you weren’t a 3D artist today, what would you be working as?

LAA: Maybe in some other art-related area. It is an incredible universe to be able to work creating something.

XC: What is your message to other artists in these challenging times?

LAA: Study the basic principles, have a knowledge of anatomy, composition, silhouette, etc. It will always make you stand out from others.

Luiz Alberto Alipio studied at Melies College, took up an Alvaro Ribeiro Course, and also went to art school at the ICS. He is currently a freelance artist with a focus on collectibles featuring comic and anime themes for several studios. Luiz Alberto Alipio is 33 years of age.

Want to see more of Luiz Alberto Alipio’s works? You can visit his
Facebook and ArtStation.

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