Through the genius of Unreal Engine, this interior walk through boasts of high-resolution models and textures. This visualization is equipped with a flyby director’s camera and walk through characters for exploring. On top of that, seemingly aimed at greater interaction with the interior’s environment, the models within the simulated living space can be changed when toggled. This gives the user more options on how he or she would want the space to look like.


This architectural visualization starts off with a walk through of a model unit’s exterior. With a flyby director’s camera, the user is guided through a life-like rendering of foliage and water simulation of an upper-middle class backyard. Completing the experience is a walk through character that allows the user to explore the equally-stunning design of the unit’s interior. The dynamic cameras navigate the user to different rooms or points of interest with a just a click.

Virtual Reality

Produced through the power of Unreal Engine, this Virtual Reality application is yet another innovation in site viewing. Can’t afford to visit due to your tight schedule? No problem! Every real estate agent’s Catnip, this application allows you to view and walk through your desired living space. And not only that; placed strategically across are Info Icons that give you access to the specifications of certain elements within the model unit.

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