Titan Peakon: An Artist To Watch Out For

by Joshua Diokno   

While Titan Peakon says that he would have probably become a Biochemical Engineer if he weren’t working as a 3D artist, he strongly believes that no force out there would change his mind from pursuing the digital craft.

And that is passion in our book.

Harboring an enthusiasm for combat games since he was 10, Titan Peakon translated the interest into 3D concepts which illustrate strength and power. One only needs to browse through his portfolio to realize that his concepts are reflective of his view on human potential and agency. But apart from what we would want to read into them, it is evident that Titan Peakon has talent and tries to give even established icons (i.e. The Predator, Kratos) a fresh approach.

Xeno Creatives is fortunate to have been given the chance to interview Titan Peakon to see what motivated him to enter the digital art space and chart a path to become a formidable artist in the scene.

Xeno Creatives (XC): We understand that with just about any craft, passion takes precedence. In your case, how did it start becoming a passion? Would we be right in assuming that you consider it a ‘calling’ as a lot of your contemporaries do?

Titan Peakon (TP): Having played combat games and being fascinated with fine arts since I was 10, my interest in this field have grown steadily.

XC: Was there ever an art piece (digital or otherwise) or artist who bolstered your interest in 3D art and motivated you to enter the space? When did you get involved fully in the industry?

TP: The one and only Raf Grassetti inspired me to get into 3D art. Meanwhile, Sensei Marcin klicki (Principal Character Artist @ CD PROJEKT RED) mentored and motivated me to pursue the digital craft through the Game Art program.

I have been involved in the 3D industry for a good five years.

XC: Now that you’re an active part of the industry, would you say you have a solid place in it?

TP: I would say I’m in a very good position. Not sure if I would call it solid as I think I have a lot to develop and learn to be an outstanding member of the industry.

I believe that the learning process for artists does not stop. The journey is a continuous one. I know that need to develop more.

XC: What are the common challenges a 3D artist like you encounters daily in a project?

TP: I need to focus on my technical skills to overcome these challenges.

XC: We have seen your works on ArtStation and we were really impressed with your style. Do you have any favorite works?

TP: Yes I do. And thanks for the compliment! The number one artwork on my list is God of War Kratos, followed by Wolf Predator, Goro Takemura Cyberpunk, and Cirilla Fiona from ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ which I recently finished in my final term at the Vertex School.

XC: What would you consider your biggest or most exciting project to date?

TP: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (Wolf) and, again, Kratos from God of War.

XC: If you were to market yourself, what would you highlight as your edge?

TP: My strength is in sculpting.

XC: If you weren’t a 3D artist today, what would you be working as?

TP: Most likely as a biomedical engineer. However, I should point out that I believe being a 3D artist is in my blood; no one can change my mind or stop me from pursuing the career regardless of my life situation.

XC: Do you have an advice to other artists in these challenging times?

TP: My advice for beginners-choosing an artist’s path means you do not have to turn yourself into a slave in any way. Following your dreams is all that matters. No compromises.

Titan Peakon is a graduate of the Vertex School under the game art program. He works as a freelance 3D artist. He is 29 years old.

Want to see more of Titan Peakon’s works? Check out his Facebook and ArtStation accounts!

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