Talent, Passion, and Wisdom: Getting to Know Zbrush Artist, Mr. Gustavo Medeiros

by Joshua Diokno   
All crafts require work. Hard work. And in that respect, it is no longer secret to us that the recent advancements in technology had been quite the double-edged sword because: 1. We have to learn a great deal of new technical applications and 2. it’s relatively easier for us to learn new disciplines.
But outside all the innovations that aim to make life easier for all professionals is the artist and worker who keeps himself together through passion and pure talent that, despite the absence of the tools, can come up with the most outstanding of pieces.
Enter, Zbrush artist, Gustavo Medeiros.

Mr. Medeiros summarises talent, passion and wisdom. And Xeno Creatives is more than fortunate to have been given the chance of an interview with Mr. Medeiros. Here, he shares his experiences and aspirations with his art and endeavour within the Game Development industry.

Xeno Creatives (XC): We understand that being an artist such as yourself, you start with the very basic of tools for honing your craft. As such, what processes did you have to learn (given the technical know-how needed for your endeavor in Zbrush) to be well-versed in your discipline?
Gustavo Medeiros (GM): Can’t say that I’m good. I’ve started with traditional media, sculpting and drawing and after that I began to learn Zbrush. Zbrush is a very intuitive tool. The most important knowledge for me is the artistic knowledge. But for a game artist, technical stuff is important too, although it takes less time to learn than artistic stuff.
XC: When did you realize that you wanted to pursue Zbrush as a medium? Would you want to expand to other media or do you want to focus specifically on Zbrush?
GM: When I started to draw as a kid it was only for fun–for love, and at some point I’ve realised I could turn my passion into a profession. I got deeper into drawing. One day, I decided to attend a traditional sculpture workshop with Glauco Longhi, and that made me fall in love with sculpture. So I decided to merge both of my passions which are games and sculpture. This led me to learn more about the industry: the artists and the softwares. That was when I found Zbrush. Zbrush is one of the many tools I use daily to improve in game character art.
XC: Have you tried your hands on other media? If so, what was it?
GM: Visiting traditional art was always part of my proccess, so, yes–sculpture and drawing have always had a big role in my learning.
XC: Did delving into the art start off as a want or a necessity?
GM: I’d say both. Art is my passion, it is my life, it is what I want to learn and improve each day. That and the need for me to express myself.
XC: We have had the opportunity to see your portfolio online and we must say to describe it as impressive is an understatement. Do you have favorite pieces? What are they and why?
GM: Lovely for you to say that! I’m flattered. I’d say my favorite piece was the last one. My purpose is to improve through hardwork, even if they are sketches I gave 100%, using all my current knowledge as best as I could at the time.
XC: Who or what can you consider as your influences? What attracted you to them?
GM: My main influences are Rafael Grassetti, Glauco Longhi, Igor Catto, Danilo Athayde, Gilberto Magno, Bruno Camara, Frank Tzeng, Rafael Souza, Simon Lee and specially all my close friends who work hard and have the same mindset as I do, all those people attracted me because they are not satisfied with good. They are after greatness, as person and as artists, and that really inspires me.
XC: Are there any other pieces that you would want to create? What are these and why?
GM: I want to do a lot of things, but I can’t affirm what comes next. I want to do a game character to follow my main focus.
XC: Do you see yourself being immersed in Game Development through specializing in Zbrush?
GM: Yes! Zbrush is an amazing tool to do game characters.
XC: If you weren’t doing what you’re doing right now, what do you think you’d be specialising in instead?
GM: I don’t see myself doing anything else. But maybe in a parallel reality, I would have something related with gastronomy with handcraft burgers.
XC: What piece of advice or message can you give young aspirants wanting to enter the craft/industry?
GM: Do not try to be like other artists, be yourself and strive to be the best, your best self. And put in the work, hardcore, because if you are sleeping there will be people that aren’t. Believe in yourself and never give-up!
Mr. Gustavo is indeed one artist to watch out for. Xeno Creatives is one with him as he treads his future within the industry.
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