Oliver Horschel: A Fan Turned Master

by Joshua Diokno   

When starting in a craft, we can’t help but be greatly influenced by its primary movers and institutions. The things that we produce might not always come to par with the standards that were set by them, making us feel that we would always fall short.

But wise artists know that they will always get better in time. That they have to push– push hard. And at the end of the day, they know that while their product can still come out better, they have given it their all. And that makes them artists.

For Mr. Oliver Horschel, apart from having true talent, he was a fan first. It goes without saying that when you are a fan of something, you tend to set the bar high for others who try to replicate what they admire. And if you are a fan of art and an artist, well, it gets really challenging.

And just any good artist, Mr. Oliver Horschel is one who doesn’t back down on challenges.

So let’s get to know him through this short feature by Xeno Creatives and get a pulse on his aspirations and get to know how he became the artist that he is today.

Xeno Creatives (XC): Given your experience in the industry, what do you think is your edge as a 3D artist?

Oliver Horschel (OH): I have always loved to play video games. At some point, I wanted to know what it takes to make them. I am impressed how video games have been technically and artistically improved over the last decades and I always had a passion for them, especially for the characters of video games. I am very interested with the technical facets of a software in for making games. In this case, I can combine my technical expertise and understanding and also my passion for game art.

XC: Whom do you do you consider your influence(s)?

OH: When I started learning 3D modeling and texturing some years ago, I was inspired and impressed by artists like Rafael Grassetti, Frank Tzeng and Glauco Longhi. They are all great inspirations to me and their art keeps me pushing myself everyday to become better and to grow as an artist.

XC: So far, what were the challenges that you had encountered working in the 3D industry?

OH: When I started freelancing, it was still very challenging to reach that level of expertise and quality of work to get recognized. Having to work to beat deadlines and also to keep on learning new stuff everyday, was also very challenging to me. All these things take time to master, but you have to be patient and it will pay off one day.

XC: What is your most exciting project to date?

OH: Besides working as a freelancer for indie game projects, I have also started working on my own game project called “THEY – Urban Exploration”. I use Unreal Engine 4 for all my assets and characters, which I have created so far for the game. It’s easy and very intuitive to work with.


XC: Do you have any advice to aspiring artists?

OH: Keep on learning and practicing everyday and don’t give up. Create the kind of art you like and find your passion. Get in touch with other artists and ask for critique about your artwork. Be patient and keep up with the times.

Want to see more of Mr. Oliver Horschel’s works? Click here!

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