A Master at Balancing Two Different Worlds: Serguei Krikalev

by Joshua Diokno   

Mr. Serguei Krikalev is one interesting chap.

He is interesting in that he is playing between two, vastly different disciplines. On one hand, he serves the state through the Brazilian Air Force and the other, a Digital Artist. Both of these at the young age of 30.

Balancing his time efficiently, he was able to attain formal education from the Melies School of Cinema. He integrated himself fully in the digital discipline through Advanced Modeling with ZBrush, the Gnomon Workshop, Maya Specialization and CGMA, Texturing for Films/ Cinematics under Chris Nichols, and Character Modeling for Films and Cinematics with Peter Zoppi.

For 3 years, Mr. Krikalev worked in the Advertisement industry in Brazil where most of the artists in the trade work with IMGTV. Now, he works with 3D AR in Argentina alongside being an Ornatrix Contributor at Ephere.

That is a lot to undertake for a guy who is doing a balancing act. So let us get to know how Mr. Krikalev does it, and how he apparently thrives in the discipline through this short feature.

Xeno Creatives (XC): How did you get involved in the digital arts? How did it start for you, was it just a hobby or a mere job in the beginning or a true passion?

Serguei Krikalev (SK): I was involved with art since a kid. I always loved animation and I drew cartoon for a long time. I studied Artistic Drawing here in my city and later studied Traditional Painting.

My passion in the digital discipline started in 2014. Through studying Photography and research, I discovered my real passion was in modeling digital characters. And so begun my passion for the VFX world.

XC: How did you learn the ropes around 3D art production? Would you consider yourself to be accomplished now?

SK: Well, like most artists, I begun as Self-Taught. However, I soon knew of Melies where I had a big experience.

About considering myself as accomplished, I would say not yet. I have big ambitions and I need to walk a little bit more for this, but I think I had done all that I can and continue to do so up to this day.

XC: What do you think solidified your place in the 3D industry?

SK: I would say a strong focus as I tried to make a cool portfolio. I think these are the main points for any artist.

XC: What’s your day like in production? What are the common issues that a 3D artist like you encounters day-in and day-out?

SK: Wow that’s a nice question! First as Freelancer artist I basically divide my time between production and the Brazilian Air Force (BAF). Yes, I’m part of the military here in Brazil.

After my work at BAF, I start my “day at production” analyzing carefully all briefings and fix some minor problems from my early feedbacks. So I move on to other assignments to beat all my deadlines But, for sure, grooming and hair simulation are big challenges always.

XC: What challenges have you encountered as a 3D artist?

SK: I think, as all artists, it is always a challenge to keep yourself motivated. That’s not an easy task, but with a good discipline you can do it. And my second challenge is accepting we have skill limitations to finish a work that we desire. All artists, I believe, possess creativity as they should, but there are moments that you will simply not have all the needed skill for finishing projects that you like.

You need to accept your limitations and study to overcome it and increase your skill set.

XC: If you were to pick one piece from your works as your favorite, (may it be a most recent or past work or commission or personal) what would it be? Why?

SK: Casual Pharah is my favorite for sure. I learned so much in a little time that I gained a love of the process. Fell in love with the final result too. It was magical for me.

XC: What do you consider to be your edge as a 3D artist? What makes you stand out?

SK: This is a hard question, but I would say my skill set, motivation, my strong desire to be a better or even great artist, without putting myself above anyone. I think these make me stand out.

XC: If you weren’t a 3D artist today, what could you see yourself working as?

SK: As I have a base profession, I would say probably military only!

Want to see more of Mr. Serguei Krikalev? Click here!

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