Justice League Dark Conjures Up The Darkness In Official Trailer

by Joshua Diokno   

Batman may be trained in the mystic disciplines but that doesn’t mean he puts up with supernatural sh*t. Truthfully, and quite surprisingly, he is doubtful that the supernatural even exists. Sure he works with Superman, but fighting alongside aliens is so much more believable than fighting demonic hordes. Right?

Enter John Constantine, warlock and all-around douche. Throw in the enigmatic and easy-on-the-eyes Zatanna and you got a mystical party that Batman would be more than hesitant to join. Justice League Dark, DC’s go-to team when the ordinary leaguers face threats of a paranormal nature gets its first animated interpretation, and ghouls and demons all over are shaking in their boots.

Facing what seems to be a worldwide demonic infestation, “Justice League Dark” taps into the most powerful of all magic to prevail.

See the official trailer here!

Justice league Dark is set to be released digitally through Amazon and iTunes on January 24th 2017 and on DVD February 17th 2017.


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