Hugh Jackman’s “Wolverine” to Appear in “Deadpool 2”?

by Joshua Diokno   

hugh-jackman-wolverine-wallpaper-1I just wish Hugh Jackman would finally drop Wolverine and move on with his career – said no one EVER. And why would we even dream of having someone else take up the adamantium claws? Jackman’s perfect! (Okay maybe that’s a little exaggerated; he is way taller than his comic book counterpart) But then, he’s all that we could ever envision when the name “Wolverine” is mentioned.

This is why fans are raving to have him included in next year’s “Deadpool 2”. Who wouldn’t want to see him in the same screen with Reynolds? (Although the first one was a huge disappointment. We won’t speak of it again.) Also interesting to note is Jackman’s statement months back that his interest to play the clawed mutant would be revitalized should he be signed up for an appearance with the “Avengers”

But let’s focus on what’s easier to realize. The key to the fulfillment of Wolverine’s appearance in “Deadpool 2” lies in the hands of the writers. Sure, Jackman had already claimed that he is going to shed the persona finally after “Logan”, but that is not to say he is not going to entertain a cameo.

Since “Deadpool” was spot on meta, wouldn’t it be exciting to see Hugh Jackman acting as Hugh Jackman on the second installment? This is an idea that writer/producer Rhett Reese wants to play around with. He thinks that it would be such a funny dynamic – something that fans would probably agree with.

The writer also revealed that the draft to the film script is close to being submitted. Reese disclosed that they are really careful into revealing anything pertinent such as release dates so as to safegaurd the integrity of “Deadpool 2”. Instead, they would be moving at their own pace. They recognize, as with a lot of movie projects, production teams tend to get over their heads, leading them to come out with half-baked projects.

With the success of the first installment, “Deadpool 2” would be handled with care, as Reese reports, so as to conitnue the good service that it has given, not only to fans of the Merc with a Mouth, but ultimately to its source material.

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