Amazon Comes Out With “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” in 2018; John Krasinski to Star

by Joshua Diokno   
John Krasinski is giving CIA Analyst, Jack Ryan a go.
The actor who is popularly known for his roles in The Office and 13 Hours is iterating the pop culture icon, Jack Ryan a fifth time. Amazon, who had bought the rights to the character, shall be coming out with Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan next year.
Created by the prolific, action-espionage-thriller novelist, Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan had previously been played by big names such as Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine.
The Amazon series shall follow a rising CIA analyst deployed into a perilous assignment for the first time. What ensues is trouble after Ryan uncovers a new breed of terrorism that sends a threat of destruction across the globe.
Carlton Cuse who had this year just gotten off Bates Motel and Graham Roland of Almost Human will serve as executive producers. Roland also wrote the pilot from him and Cuse’s story.
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is co-produced with Paramount and Skydance Television. it is executive produced by Platinum DunesMichael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form.
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan hits streaming on Amazon Prime in 2018.
Watch the Amazon teaser here before the Comic-Con reveal!

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