Amazing Detail and Impressive Human Anatomy: The Works of Mr. Eduard Oliver

by Joshua Diokno   

Amazingly-original concepts, awesome detail, and impressive human anatomy. Have we covered everything? We think these adjectives are not even enough to delineate the level of artistry Mr. Eduard Oliver had been able to achieve.

Seeing his works on line is eye-gasmic (yeah, we’re calling it in). They are indicative of mastery and long industry experience; we simply cannot pry our eyes off his works.

Here is an artist who had obviously gone through the ropes of ZBrush and had gone an extra mile. We are definitely honored to have had the opportunity of interviewing him. So let’s sit down and hear his story on how he became the artist that he is today.

Xeno Creatives (XC): ZBrush definitely changed the ballgame for the 3D industry. What was it like using it for the first time? What did you have to learn to be skilled in it?

Eduard Oliver (EO) Over time I saw that ZBrush would be a powerful software in the market. It was extremely important that I knew how to use it. With this said, I started to watch tutorials on YouTube and I gradually learned and became familiar with the software. Today I use the same for sculpture and that helps with multiple processes in my work.

XC: Did it help you become more efficient and better at your craft?

EO: I realized when I knew I wanted to work with characters. At the moment, ZBrush fulfills all my needs for sculpture.

XC: When did you know that you’d be using ZBrush as your main software to create 3D art? Will this be for the long run?

EO: I realized when I knew I wanted to work with characters. At the moment, ZBrush fulfills all my needs for sculpture.

XC: Do you see yourself being involved in the movie and television industry?

EO: I was interested in 3D art seeing many videos of VFX and compositions, it seemed incredible and it awakened my curiosity on how to do it, then I went searching and ended up in 3D.

So yeah, I’d like working for both cinema and games.

XC: Your works over at ArtStation are such MARVELS to BEHOLD. The details in them are just plain amazing. We can’t keep ourselves from staring at them. But do you have any favorite pieces? Which of them stand out and why?

EO: Thank you very much for these words, I appreciate it very much! I like Rhino, Orc, Giant guy and Green imp, but I always have something to improve. I do not think they’re perfect. I will always study to improve and post new work with better quality.

XC: Whom do you consider your influences? Why do you look up to them?

EO: My influences are: Michael Oliveira, Gabriel Dionisio, Alex Renner, Elisa Moraes, Fabio Nishikata, Felipe Chaves, Gabriel Maciel, Gustavo Medeiros, Andre Castro, Gabriel Bona, Luana Bueno, Marcello Zibetti and Victor Kallahan. These are the people who are always studying and talking to me online.

XC: Your works will look awesome in a video game. Do you also see yourself in Game Character Design?

EO: Yes, I want to start with personal works. Do the whole process, from the concept to the Game ready character.

XC: If you weren’t a 3D artist today, what do you think you’d be specializing in?

EO: Honestly, I do not see myself doing anything else. Maybe I would work with comics or another area related to art.

XC: What advice or message can you give young aspirants wanting to enter the craft/industry?

EO: The advice I can give is, do not to give up, even if your work doesn’t reach the desired level. The important thing is to never stop studying; the results will appear over time.

Thank you very much Mr. Eduard Oliver for your time! We wish you all the success and are looking forward to more of your art. And we are really hoping that we would see your designs in a videogame!

Want to see more of Mr. Eduard Oliver’s works? Click here!

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