Manuel De Jorge: Zeal and Versatility

by Joshua Diokno   

Zeal? Check. Right exposure? Check. Talent? Check! With every box ticked, we have the makings of a good artist. Seeing his works online is proof of such. Furthering our interest with his work, Mr. Manuel De Jorge declares his love for challenges–isn’t that how all artists are supposed to be, as they are innovators and movers of the craft?

Wholly receptive of different influences, his works are indicative of his versatility, allowing him to excite audiences with his varying styles and fresh take on otherwise common concepts.

We are glad to have had the opportunity of an interview with Mr. Manuel De Jorge. So we invite you to read through this short feature to get to know him better.

Xeno Creatives (XC): Given your experience in the industry, what do you think is your edge as a 3D artist?

Manuel De Jorge (MDJ): Since I was young, I was exposed to Art, Music and Animation showed on the 90s period of ultimately, good hand-drawn Movie Animation of Disney and Warner-Brothers. I always observe the curves, proportion and lines. My forte is to create an appealing character with unimposing features with a heavy personality. It’s a bit hard to explain actually. Also, I always tend to stick to my creative process to render the personality of the character, pushing its emotions to connect with its viewer. And most of my personal subjects are athro animals with human characteristics; I totally love to sculpt them because animals are very good subject to push characters and emotions.

XC: Before concentrating on ZBrush as a primary tool of 3D creation, what other software did you use?

MDJ: Blender 3D is my “cream-of-the- crop” I’m focused on box modelling/topology/Sculpting /Rigging and Animation. I spent years on Blender 3D, I learned a lot during those years, which I also applied on my subsequent works. Then I finally invested on ZBrush, I manage to adapt easily to ZBrush since I am experienced on Blender 3D. I watched some tutorials, did some research and practiced regularly. I am still learning and experimenting new methods of sculpting.

XC: What made you turn to ZBrush? What about it appealed to you?

MDJ: Dynamesh is the best thing on ZBrush. I learned to sculpt with freedom, from detail to detail and push more shapes. I enjoyed ZSpheres too. In addition, I had a good time playing on MatCaps during that time. Lol

XC: So far, what were the challenges that you had encountered working in the 3D industry?

MDJ: I always love challenges when I’m ready. The most challenging scenario was working on multiple projects at big game titles with tight deadlines, also with different styles. I need to adapt every other day from cartoony and stylized to realistic. Sometimes it takes me hours to do some warm-up to adapt on styles. I managed to overcome all these. We 3D artists need to be very versatile.

XC: What is your most exciting project to date?

MDJ: I really enjoyed sculpting whole characters from the Black Opal Gang by Rudy Siswanto. In the Game and Movie Industry, I did minor Modeling and Sculpting for various contractors and studios. I’m really glad to have worked with talented people.

XC: What other concepts do you want to create through ZBrush?

MDJ: I had this urge to sculpt pin-ups. But what I like to work on the most is cool concepts of heroic adventurers and whimsical and funny cute characters. It’s cool to make my own concept, but the industry usually look for people who can precisely sculpt a character on concept sheet or actual illustration. That is the reason why I always rely on 2D Artists. We all have our own forte and its best to focus on what your strength is. 

XC: Do you have any advice to aspiring artists?

MDJ: We artists are not perfect; we have our flaws. These are actually needed so that we may be molded into good artists. Sometimes, we are put in situations wherein we compare our works to others, making us feel discouraged.

Start first by learning the theory and fundamentals of art. It is best to practice and experiment on style. You need to observe, adapt, and review; always review your work. Look for things that can still be improved.

I advise to accept criticism and listen to what would be the best for your art. But do strive to be unique. Lastly, always be passionate on your art—it’s the major factor why you have to strive and push further!

We are completely grateful for this opportunity Mr. De Jorge! We wish you all the success in your future endeavors!

Want to see more of Mr. Manuel De Jorge’s amazing works? Click here!

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