Alien: Covenant First Official Trailer Released

by Joshua Diokno   

Coming in May 2017, Ridley Scott finally follows through with his promise of a sequel to that curiosity entitled, “Prometheus”. Its trailer released on Christmas eve, “Alien : Covenant” goes back to the dark and claustrophobia-causing tone that 1979’s “Alien” was known for, not to mention the movie’s good story-telling of course.

We see a new team in a seemingly familiar sector, as “Alien: Covenant” dishes out the classic facehugger and the Xenomorph for a good, love-making-in-the-shower fright fest. Let’s hope that “Alien: Covenant” does the revitalized franchise good.

See the full trailer here:

Alien: Covenant stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, James Franco in a rumored role and, Noomi Rapace as the tragic, sole survivor of the ill-fated Prometheus expedition.

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