Parth Shah: Being Patient is a Constant Challenge

by Joshua Diokno   

“Being patient is a constant challenge.”

Isn’t this is a universal truth? Caught in a generation where our brains are constantly being wired and rewired to become adaptive to various stimuli, we have become fickle, thus diminishing our patience.

However, being immersed in the arts, patience is a virtue that all artists practice, like a skill. It should be constant and unflinching. You blink. You lose.

Mr. Parth Shah is one digital artist who knows this well. He had tread the path to becoming a good artist without rushing things. And boy, we are indeed grateful that he had reached his level. But of course, as with all who are involved in the discipline, Mr. Shah strives continually to get better.

Let’s get to know ZBrush artist, Mr. Parth Shah in this short feature and be inspired.

Xeno Creatives (XC): ZBrush technology brought a lot to the industry. What processes did you have to learn to be skilled in it?

Parth Shah (PS): Yes, ZBrush has indeed brought a lot to the industry. I can say that it has changed the game. It is a well-balanced software as it is both artistic and highly technical.

It is also handy for those people who belong to the arts. Some of its upgrades are just awesome. I am a Maya and a 3Ds Max user and in beginning it was quite hard to use ZBrush as its interface is different from other software. With practice, it eventually became easier for me.

Also, before sculpting a human figure, I had to study anatomy. I had to study using brushes, alphas and also how to achieve realistic using these brushes. I had to do some experiments on basic shapes with alphas and brushes. You have to have patience and learn how to take advantage of Google and online groups.

XC: As a dedicated artist how did ZBrush help you further your art?

PS: ZBrush helped me a lot in giving shape to my workflow.

It made it easy to produce things especially organic stuff. It helped me put my imagination to 3D. It gave me opportunity to produce detailed stuff. I would like to think that it also helped me establish realism in my works.

XC: Was your craft really a passion to begin with, a hobby, or a mere job?

PS: Actually, from my childhood I used to sketch, paint, model with clay, and watch some artists on some T.V. shows on Sundays or on school holidays. These later transformed into hobbies, leading me to create stuff from imagination. My school art mentors, seeing my art and passion, started supporting me. I started participating in different contests. Well into the following years, I entered this field through the digital craft. Finally, it became a part of my profession.

XC: Given your experience in the industry, what do you think is your edge as a 3D artist?

PS: I think I am still a beginner. I believe there is an endless list to be learned. All I focus on is being better. Artists are never done with their work; they have to keep moving.

XC: Whom do you do you consider your influence(s)?

PS: I cannot point to a particular one; a lot of other artists had influenced me. I actually made visiting sites like ArtStation a routine. I visit it at least once a day to get inspired and motivated. I am always eager to learn more and make better artwork.

XC: So far, what were the challenges that you had encountered working in the 3D industry?

PS: Being patient is a constant challenge. When I started learning ZBrush, I had seen many realistic sculpting work. I had also seen the time needed for the learning process. So yes, if you face yourself at beginning you will always have solution to overcome challenges.

XC: What is your most exciting project to date?

PS: Yes, there was one project in which I had to sculpt ancient caves which helped me a lot in polishing my skills. But I think we should always try to take every project with excitement to complete.

XC: Do you have any advice to aspiring artists?

PS: Yes. For beginners, I would like to share what someone once told me:

Becoming an artist doesn’t take overnight; it takes several nights’ hard work.

So if you are to enter this field you’ll need to trust in yourself, you need time, passion, enthusiasm and of course, patience. Remember in this field, everyone is entitled to have their own space to grow. So don’t stop working to become better!

Want to see more of Mr. Parth Shah’s works? Click here!

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