Mr. Joydeep Bairagi: From Childhood Past-Times to Life-Long Passion

by Joshua Diokno   

Mr. Joydeep Bairagi’s inspiration in becoming the digital artist that he is today comes from a childhood love of action figures, video games, and comics. Given that these were introduced to him at such a young age, you can say that the interest had already been ingrained in him, making these passions impossible to shake off. And why should he? Looking at Mr. Joydeep Bairagi’s online portfolio is both a treat and an inspiration to those wanting to enrich the digital craft. He had contributed handsomely to the industry that fosters our child-like curiosity and amazement. If real-world science had delivered its deathly, final blow to all things magical, the digital arts and animation scene had secured a part of it so that we wouldn’t lose any of our wonder and our hope for a better reality. And this, had served Mr. Joydeep Bairagi’s art well.

Let’s get to know Mr. Joydeep Bairagi in this short feature and know how he transformed his childhood pas-times into a life-long passion.

Xeno Creatives (XC): We understand that with just about any craft, passion takes precedence. In your case, how did it start becoming a passion? Would we be right in assuming that you consider it a “calling” as a lot of your contemporaries do?

Joydeep Bairagi (JB): I have always been drawing since I can remember. I was lucky that my father brought me action figures, video games and comics when I was a kid as they were crucial elements for my love of creating characters. Even though I started as a comic book artist, I wasn’t fully satisfied as I wanted to create characters from concept to 3D. I started to learn ZBrush back in 2015 and eventually emerged as a 3D character artist. So yeah, it was definitely a “calling” for me.

XC: Was there ever an art piece (digital or otherwise) or artist who served as a catalyst for your involvement in the craft? When did you get involved fully in the 3D industry?

JB: My love for comic books introduced me to some of the legends like Jim Lee, John Romita Sr. and John Buscema at very early age. Later, I was mesmerized by the amazing art of Disney and Dreamworks. My hunger to learn ZBrush came from seeing the art of my video games and collectibles. I got involved in the 3D industry when I had a chance for an internship at Little Red Zombies back in 2016.

XC: Now that you’re an active part of the industry, would you say you have pegged a solid place in it?

JB: Haha! Not at all. I am just getting started. I have miles to go and a lot to learn before I get to be sure of that. But yes, I do believe in myself and there’s a lot of artists all around the world whose works keep me motivated.

XC: How does your day look like in production?

JB: Being a freelancer, I organize my schedule for each day. Proper working schedule is important for tackling multiple projects and to meet deadlines. Meanwhile, I also keep time for myself to do my personal stuffs.

XC: What are the common challenges that a 3D artist like you encounters day-in, day-out in a project?

JB: The biggest challenge for me is to organize time between my professional works and personal art.

XC: We had the chance of seeing your works online. And we must say we were really impressed. We think that your stylized concepts, both original and fan art, are just plain AWESOME. We liked how the likeness of each iconic character is prominently there and how the colours jump out of each piece. But among your works, do you have any favourite pieces? If so, what would these be and why? Also, what would you consider your biggest or most exciting project to date?

JB: I give all my heart to each and everything I create. So all of them are my favorite. But yes, I always try to improve my art each day. So for me, what I do today will always be better than the work I did yesterday.

XC: If you were to market yourself what would you highlight as your edge?

JB: First and foremost, my humility and my persistence for excellence. Secondly, my artistic versatility.

XC: If you weren’t a 3D artist today, what would you be working as?

JB: A comic-book artist or a concept artist.

XC: What is your message to other artists especially in these challenging times?

JB: Follow your own route. Make sure you are honest in your craft and you will definitely get the opportunities you deserve. Persistence and dedication are your keys.

Want to see more of Mr. Joydeep Bairagi’s amazing works? You may visit his ArtStation and Facebook accounts.

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