On Finding His Place in the Industry: The Art of Mr. Antonio Petit Cwirko

by Joshua Diokno   

There is no debate: Mr. Antonio Petit Cwirko has charted the right path for himself. While they say following a passion isn’t always the practical choice, Mr. Cwirko subverts that by establishing his own studio and assuming the role of a good Character Design artist.

He may believe that he has yet to find his solid grounding in the industry, but with 18 years worth of tenure and his passion and vision for his craft, we daresay he has found footing.

Xeno Creatives is proud to present this short feature on Mr. Antonio Petit Cwirko. We hope that this inspires every beginning artist to stay on path.

Xeno Creatives (XC): How did you get involved in the 3D industry? Has producing 3D art always been a passion or is it a mere job to you?

Antonio Petit Cwirko (APC): In 2006 I founded a small but very creative advertising company, one of my many tasks was to make 3D stands, motion graphics, and the like. This was where I started working 3D. Then several clients started asking me about Character Design. With my drawing background I was able to start into this wonderful new adventure.

I think Character Design in 3D had always been my passion. I had always loved drawing. And with the internet and a good software at my employ, I am given the chance to get involved in this world.

XC: Would you say you already found your place in the industry? What’s it like being an active part of it?

APC: I don’t think I have found it yet, but I definitely will.

I think charting my path and finding my place is important. I need to focus on my goals and do things step by step and be consistent.

Right now, I am enjoying every moment that I learn and inspire others. Everyday is fulfilling for me, creatively speaking.

XC: Who or what influenced you the most going into 3D creation? Was there an art piece (digital or otherwise) or artist who led you to decide that digital art production is something you want to do for life?

APC: I am not big fan of any artist as I understand that my mind must be free—not restrained by any influence. I do see so many cool works out there that I enjoy though.

I think I decided to enter in the industry because of my passion for comics. I drew comics for many years when I was still a student so I wanted to take those amazing characters and render them into 3D.

XC: How would you describe your day in production?

APC: Basically, I start to work very early in the morning in my studio, with good music and sometimes a good cup of coffee.

I also work at night which I consider to be my best hour for doing creative work.

XC: What are the common challenges that a 3D artist like you encounters day-in, day-out in a project?

APC: This actually varies a lot from the company you are working for. There are also other factors such as countries, time zones, and the like.

The common challenge for me is to try to give the client output that came from his or her own idea combined with my style.

XC: We’ve seen your works online and we like your style and take with popular characters. Do you have favorite pieces? If so, what would these be and why? Also, what would you consider your biggest or most exciting project to date?

APC: I love all of them to be honest, I think each of my works has a big place in my heart and mind. However, I do have three works, in particular, that I think I could call the most exciting. One is ¨ NeoTokyo 3048 ¨ which is a personal work that combined my 3D my Character Design skills and my passion for drawing (specifically from an old comic sketch that I had done). While this work is just recent, it helped me close the idea under an strong concept.

“Battlenauts” was another work that I loved because this allowed me to be introduced in the videogame industry as a Character and Environment Designer.

And finally,” Tiny Rooms Frozen in Time”. This is a collection of hundreds of isometric rooms made in 3D. The part that I loved most in this project is that each room has my own story behind it: movies that I like, a place that I love, personal stories and experiences etc. All that feed the people inspiration to find their own stories inside them as well.

XC: What do you see as your biggest contribution in the industry to date?

APC: What I try to contribute to the industry is to instill in the people who see my work that the creative project was made with real passion and, more importantly, creativity. I understand that being creative is the most difficult part of the industry as the world of information seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

XC: Do you see yourself in the industry for the rest of your life?

APC: I don’t know. I have passion for my work as I understand that I have to learn a lot from different areas to satisfy it such as music, literature, movies, etc.

I do think that the 3D is a big ocean that I can navigate through as long as I have a good boat and an island where I can land.

Want to see more of Mr. Antonio Petit Cwirko’s awesome works? Be sure to follow him through ArtStation and Behance!

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