Writer Derek Connolly of “Jurassic World” Lends Talent to “Metal Gear Solid”

by Joshua Diokno   

Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom writer, Derek Connolly takes the reins on penning the script for the much-anticipated Metal Gear Solid film.

Connolly will be teaming up once again with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts from Kong: Skull Island.

The Konami video game, Metal Gear Solid, was created by video game development genius, Hideo Kojima. The game follows the exploits of Solid Snake, a former soldier whose present-day mission is to neutralize Foxhound, a turncoat of a special forces unit. Solid Snake does so by infiltrating a facility for nuclear weapons disposal.

Avi Arad alongside his son Ari Arad, are reported to be involved as producers. The Metal Gear Solid film is backed by Sony Pictures and is yet to receive a solid release date.

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