Value and Advocacy: Why You Should Join the Synthesis Workshop Today

by Joshua Diokno   

“To get more, pay more”

This is modern society’s mantra. The mindset is unshakeable and had guided us throughout all transactions, may it be personal or professional. As such, advocacy are thrown into the shadows in preference of capitalistic aspirations, making higher knowledge and expertise accessible only to the economically-advantaged.

Enter, the Synthesis Workshop.

So few are workshops that place precedence on the love for the craft and its genuine mentorship. Even fewer are those that actually establish a community.

But what is the Synthesis Workshop exactly and how did start? Let’s get ourselves acquainted to it here!


Incepted back in July 2014, the Synthesis Workshop of today is a body that has helped more than 200 students.

Synthesis solidified in March 2015. Soon after, Filbert, a graduate of Benilde and the FZD School of Design, started mentoring a handful of students outside of their usual classes so that they too would improve in their art. A handful of students in the hallways were transformed into zealous workshop attendees in the school’s cafeteria.

Time went on and from a school’s cafeteria, Synthesis has moved into it’s own office space in where different classes are held regularly.


Participants should expect to start from the basics. Filbert says it best, “You cannot walk without learning how to crawl.” With these fundamentals, students work on learning concepts that are usually overlooked in most art schools for being too basic. With these strong foundations, students can expect to improve and once the basics are handled they can move on to other workshops that are offered.

Why Synthesis Stands-Out

Synthesis is by far one of the most affordable workshops that offers a tremendous bang for the buck.

Included in each workshop are the materials that will be used for class.

The workshop is not only a venue for greater learning, it’s also a community where everyone will feel that they belong. Here, they can leave their comfort zones and not feel completely different and aloof. The people who join the Synthesis Workshop do not just stay students and classmates, they become a family that truly cares for one another.

Join Us!

Already missed out on a lot? Take a shot with Synthesis!

We are a community that has each other’s back and will always give inspiration to aspiring artists.

A learning opportunity from a graduate of FZD doesn’t come often. Aside from that, finding an affordable workshop with quality and substance like Synthesis is even rarer.

As artists, we need to load up and strengthen our arsenal so that we have a fighting chance in this highly-competitive industry.

So join the Synthesis Workshop today!

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