How Passion and Dedication Trumps Experience: GavelSoft and the Development of Their Runner Game, “Vikings Invaders”

by Joshua Diokno   

Passion exceeds talent and skill. But of course, to have all would mean a world of limitless possibilities. The talents at GavelSoft, an independent game development studio, know this first hand. As they develop a game called “Vikings Invaders” a runner game with an interesting goal, engaging gameplay and appealing character concepts, not only are their talents revealed but also their noteworthy work ethics.

mainImage1Xeno Creatives had been fortunate enough to have corresponded with Mr. Stan Sison, GavelSoft’s Production Head, regarding their projects and aspirations, thus sharing with us a thing or two about effective time management, teamwork, and professional camaraderie in the workplace.

Xeno Creatives (XC) How does one become enthused in Game Development? How was Gavelsoft founded or brought to life? Was it something that came about as a necessity or a genuine desire from its founders?

GavelSoft (GS): The members of the team worked in jobs related to game development. None of us had any real experience in game development, but we had some of the skills and the passion for games. So, we decided to develop a game and see what’s it like from this side.

sigridXC: Has any of your team members or company employees tried their hands into other forms of media or technical discipline? If so, what were these?

GS: The skills of the team are in illustrations, 3D Graphics, Animation, iOS Development, and Unity.

XC: Does Gavelsoft see itself as a company that contributes largely to the industry? If so, how?

GS: We’re still working on our first game. I think we’ll need to wait until we’ve released more titles before we can answer that.

XC: Where do you see yourself in the coming years?

GS: We will continue to develop various titles and support the current titles. We aren’t focused on just game though, if we have an excellent utility app, we would push with it too.
Currently though, we only plan to pursue mobile development.

MordXC: What were the key ideas that led to the conception of “Vikings Invaders”?

GS: We wanted to create a small, casual game for our first attempt. We also wanted it to be focused on archery, vikings, to be colorful and to be more skill based.

XC: How many people are involved in the project?

GS: We have 4 members on the team and all the members are working on a part-time basis.

XC: Describe your typical day in production for the game.

GS: Most of the members have other day jobs and we only push development during free time. Like one of our developers only pushes updates on weekends.
We organized by following a list of tasks that we coordinate on troll.

mainImage2XC: What are we to expect from “Vikings Invaders” that is a departure from other games of the same nature? How would it stand out?

GS: Vikings Invaders is an endless runner game that removed the running and focused on the shooting and surviving. Players will need a steady hand, a good aim, and quick reactions to survive the horde especially when they’ve decided to bring a large group of friends.

XC: Has the team already finalized a release date for the game?

GS: The core game for release has been completed, where mostly working on integrating it into app stores and backend servers.

GP4XC: What’s next for “Vikings Invaders”? Are we seeing other installments in the future or do you have other plans?

GS: Definitely adding more installments. We already have plenty of ideas, though we would wait and watch for feedback before we decide on which ideas to develop.

XC: What piece of advice or message can you give young aspirants wanting to enter the industry?

GS: Find good people to work with. You want to work with people who have a professional attitude and who you can rely on to deliver.

GavelSoft is indeed a game development studio that we should be watching out for. We from Xeno Creatives are looking forward to the successful launch of their game, “Vikings Invaders”

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