Nintendo Switch: What We Know So Far

by Joshua Diokno   

3146268-switch2After a year’s worth of teasing, Nintendo has finally given us the skinny on what appears to be premature specifics and features that Nintendo Switch has to offer.

First-off, what we know about Nintendo Switch is that, it is a hybrid device operating as both a home and handheld console. Nintendo had stressed that the main unit is the device bearing the LCD screen itself and not the docking station. The dock serves to charge and power the system and acts as the TV output.

first_look_at_nintendo_switch_-_youtube_-_google_chrome_2016-10-20_10-13-34-1Nintendo Switch’s screen resembles that of a tablet device with detachable controllers on each side that slide into place. These are called “Joy-Con”.

It has been reported that the Nintendo Switch dock had been designed so that players would be able to easily transition from playing games through television or LED screens to mobile mode.

As a home Console, Switch can be inserted into a docking station. This would permit the user to play it through the television screen. The Joy-Con can be used wirelessly to play from any point of comfort. It can also be attached to a grip accessory for those inclined to a more traditional play.

nintendo_switch_10-0-0Nintendo would also be making a “Switch Pro” controller available. However, it is highly likely that this would have to be bought separately.

If you choose to utilize it as a handheld console, you can take it with you anywhere by attaching the Joy-Con directly to the sides of the screen.

With enthusiasts still gauging whether it’s a boom or a bane, Nintendo Switch won’t be featuring physical backwards compatibility. This means that Switch won’t be able to play your artillery of Wii U discs or 3DS cartridges. But word is yet to be given by Nintendo regarding whether or not Switch would be offering digital backwards compatibility.

4fbdc56ebcfae8c01369f596b52de5e3The system’s price and complete hardware specifications are yet to be announced next year. The console is set to be launched in March 2017.

Are you excited about Nintendo Switch?

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