Mr. Jorge Santos: Few in Words, Great in Works

by Joshua Diokno   

Mr. Jorge Santos is a man of few words. His experiences articulate much of itself, and his artworks? More than enough to delineate his mastery.

Suffice it to say, we are impressed of his body of work. His pieces are evident of talent and skill that can only come with considerable industry experience. We are left wanting to see more of his works. But more importantly, we are curious of how he is able to come with his concepts.

Mr. Jorge Santos is an artist who takes his craft the extra mile. Maybe even five. And we can’t help but be thankful that he did. When we marvel at his work, what we are really marveling at is his discipline—his utter dedication to interpret to physical reality something that only the imagination can incept.

In this interview, let us get to know the experiences that shaped Mr. Santos to be a real 3D artist.

Xeno Creatives (XC): ZBrush technology brought a lot to the industry. What processes did you have to learn to be skilled in it?

Jorge Santos (JS): The process, I believe, as with most software for professionals in the area, is available through the software’s site itself—it has a great support for those who are starting. Also, these days, a lot of tutorials, free and paid courses are available online. It is a very good product to be studied.

XC: As a dedicated artist, how did ZBrush help you further your art?

JS: ZBrush gives us precise forms we want to pass as art. It is a complete software that allows for production flow that does not demand migration to other software.

XC: What made you decide to focus on ZBrush as a medium for 3D art creation? Are you still planning on venturing into other software?

JS: Today, ZBrush is being used in both the large and small industries of 3D. Until the moment I do see other software that can give me the same resources that ZBrush provides me, I have no plans to venture into other software.

XC: Do you have to be good in human anatomy when working with ZBrush?

JS: It depends on the work to be developed within the ZBrush itself. It can also provide beautiful jobs that do not require strict knowledge or skill in anatomy.

XC: Do you see yourself working in the movie and television industry?

JS: Yes, it is the goal of every professional artist to be able to see their work exposed to the greater public, thus being exposed to both praise and criticism.

XC: Was your craft really a passion to begin with or just a job?

JS: Passion, since childhood I have always been passionate about creatures of fiction and anime. Being able to combine passion and profession means being able to work on something that you love.

XC: Seeing your works on ArtStation and Facebook was a visual treat! Your fan art is a sight to behold and your personal project is promising. Do you have favorite pieces? What are they and why?

JS:  Dominic Quek’s Rakshasa, (parts of it), to me is like knowing where the finish line of a race is, even if I’m in an old car without GPS. What matters is that I know where I would want to be my finish line is.

XC: Who do you consider your influences? What attracted you to them?

JS: Dominic, Dean Holdeen, Rafael Grassetti, Glauco Longhi. What attracted me to them was their work; their great dedication and responsibility in what they produced.

XC: What other pieces do you want to create?

JS:  Some people say that I have an oriental style in my art, so I’m thinking of developing a piece that would make me worthy of that style.

XC: Aside from creating fan art and your own amazing character concepts, do you also see yourself getting involved in Game Character Design?

JS: Yes, it is my goal as with any 3D artist; through this we can expand to the overseas market.

XC: If you weren’t working as a 3D artist, what do you think you’d be specializing in instead?

JS: I think in the area of ​​cooking; it is an art that everyone appreciates.

XC: What advice can you give individuals wanting to enter the industry?

JS: Know who you really are—where you want to go. Know what you really want so you can study above this purpose, not to waste time. The path is straight—If you do not discover yourself, you will be walking in a circle influenced by paths meaningless. The market has its hurdles. Trust your potential.

Mr. Jorge Santos we wish you all the success in your craft. We are looking forward to more of your works.

Want to see more of Mr. Jorge Santos’ pieces? Click here!


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