Crisis on Earth-X Premieres on The CW Next Week!

by Joshua Diokno   

Keeping up with its annual crossover, CW comes out with its 2017 offering, Crisis on Earth-X.

As Barry Allen and Iris West are getting ready to take their vows, a company of Nazis storms the chapel full of The Arrowverse‘s finest superheroes. Completely confused with how a 1940s evil crashing the wedding, our heroes find out that the troopers came, not out of time, but of another parallel universe.

Earth-X traces its origins from the DC comics wherein the parallel world is dominated by Nazis following the success of Hitler’s Aryan race propaganda. In the comics, the New Reichsmen is a team of superheroes who mirror Earth-1’s Justice League. Composed of power-hungry individuals such as Overman, Overgirl, Leatherwing, Brunhilde, Blitzen and Underwaterman, the New Reichsman upholds all that the Nazis stand for.

In the trailer for CW’s two-night crossover, we see iterations of Blitzen, Overgirl, and a yet to be named alternate version of Oliver Queen.

Crisis on Earth-X kicks off on Arrow and Supergirl on Monday, November 27th.

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