Cars 3 Teasers Promise Race Cars With Sick Designs

by Joshua Diokno   

Set to be released on June 16, 2017, “Cars 3” follows an older Lightning McQueen. In the middle of his life, McQueen’s career pit stops at a crossroads. He is no longer the hot-shot super star that the race vies for. He has aged. As with all celebrity life, the spotlight dims on those who had lost their luster.

And things aren’t getting any better for McQueen as he comes head to head with a young maverick, the villanous, Jackson Storm, a Custom-Built “Next-Gen” Piston Cup race car. Storm’s engine type is at Maximum Performance V-8 with 850 hp, hydrformed alloy & steel chassis and a Carbon fiber & metal composite. Running at the top speed of 214 mph, Jackson Storm is Lightning McQueen’s new rival roadster. Storm is a vain millenial who feels that he is entitled to every possible gratification, (Basically, a millenial. Did that hurt?)

Batting on the side of the angels is new trainer, Cruz Ramirez, a 2017 CRS Sports Coupe with top speed of 210 mph, Aerodynamic Venturi Channeled chassis, lightweight alloy body and High Performance DOHC V-6. Despite their age gap, Ramirez is set to become McQueen’s ally.

Did that got your engines revving?

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