Brad Pitt As Cable on “Deadpool 2”?

by Joshua Diokno   

426092dd91bb4714960b4a63ad6a15daOne thing about Brad Pitt is that he ain’t a stickler for stereotypical roles. He’s one hell of head-turner, no question there; not even excluding heterosexual males. But Brad Pitt has risen above all that during his long tenure in the business. This is why recent talks from grapevine espouse more love for the heartthrob.

Geeky movie? Please. Brad Pitt doesn’t care. He wants to play Cable! But of course he’s out of the race, as far as “Deadpool 2” casting candidates announcements are concerned. And have you heard of “World War Z”?

According to some sources, on the onset, both the actor and Fox were more than excited upon striking up a deal for Pitt to play the bad-ass mutant.

But should fans give up all hope and move on? We’re saying “not just yet”. According to Fox executives, things could still change as the role is still in development.

However, we should also look at the possibility of Brad Pitt not playing the mutant entirely. As all of us may already know, “World War Z 2” is in the works and sees the talented actor as its lead and producer.

While no release dates have been announced yet, just last week, actor Michael Shannon is reported to be headlining the candidates vying for the role of Cable. David Harbour of “Stranger Things” fame is also said to be cast for a part while Zazie Beetz of “Atlanta” would be taking the role of the mutant-mercenary, Domino.

Did we get your hopes up? Maybe it ain’t too late for Brad!

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