On Beauty and Terror: Mr. Fernando Mata Vazquez’s Masterpieces

by Joshua Diokno   

His works are true masterpieces. These can easily become classics as their beauty is timeless and boundless. Maybe these are attributed to the pieces’ aura of otherness that leads one to be terrified and struck by beauty at the same time.

While his works bring back monstrosities of old, Mr. Fernando Mata Vazquez’s art espouse a certain excitement—it is a terror that you can’t easily look away from. His art makes us curious about why we are so curious of things that strike fear. Or do we simply want to be afraid?

Whatever the answer maybe, one thing is certain, Mr. Mr. Fernando Mata Vazquez is an artist worthy of note. And we here at Xeno Creatives are more than thrilled to have been given the chance of an interview.

Xeno Creatives (XC): ZBrush is quite a technological development for the 3D industry. It has brought a lot to the table. As it is relatively new, what were the processes you had to learn to work efficiently with it? How did ZBrush help you in your craft?

Fernando Mata Vazquez (FMV): ZBrush caught my attention because it had a more organic process in comparison with other programs like Maya and 3dsmax, I felt that I could sculpt like real clay and not worry about technical things, then I watched tutorials to learn the interface and such and started to experiment on small projects, I have never taken classes so I still learning through videos, ZBrush was the first 3D program with which I had contact, so it helped my creations were more tangible if I can say, after that, loved the program, it also allowed me to find more jobs  : )


XC: When did you realize that you to do 3D art through ZBrush? Would you want to just focus on it or do you still have other media in mind?

FMV: At college I was interested in creating art for video games properly. Drawing was my passion, but also wanted to learn 3D, ZBrush seemed more friendly to be able to start creating 3D art for me, I currently work in a video game studio so I have to use programs like Maya, Substance Painter, etc. since they are part of the pipeline, but I use zbrush when I want to practice personal things.

XC: And how about media that you have already used? What were these?

FMV: Before ZBrush I only used Photoshop; traditional media was with what I started.

XC: How did you start with 3D art? Was it a passion or just a job for you?

FMV: I started because I was amazed by the work of other artists using ZBrush. I’m still amazed XD

XC: Your works over at ArtStation and Facebook are such sights to behold! The details to your creatures are spectacular! Do you have favorite pieces? What are these and why?

FMV: Thanks! I think my favorite piece is Baal’s Creation, it’s a piece that Blizzard shared on its official Facebook page, it also won a contest about monsters in Peru, another piece is Carmilla, it won a Konami contest and I received a Castlevania art book signed by the producer of the game 🙂


XC: Whom can you consider your influences? What is it about them that caught your attention?

FMV: I have had and I still have many artists as an influence mostly from the game and movie industry and keeps growing, because I started doing 2D, artists like Carlos Huante, Marko Djurdjevic, and Brad Rigney, to mention some, are influences for my 2D work. 3D artists like Neville Page, Raf Grassetti, Furio Tedeschi, Ben Erdt and many other artists that you find on ArtStation are inspirations for me. They call my attention for the theme of realistic sci-fi stuff and creatures.

XC: What other pieces do you still want to create?

FMV: I have a lot of unfinished work XD (WIPs), so I have to focus on those, mostly because I want to see them finished 🙁

XC: Has working for television and film crossed your mind?

FMV: Yes, it is something that has crossed my mind, if given the opportunity I would gladly do it 🙂

XC: Seeing your practice on the Ice Noss Shield from the “Darksiders II” got us curious if you are currently working on a game. If you’re not involved in any projects, do you see yourself being immersed completely in Game Character Design?

FMV: I am currently working on a studio as a 3D artist, yes, character design is my passion, but I also want to create some cool ships 😉

XC: If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what do you think you’d be specializing in instead?

FMV: Because I like to create creatures, I’d probably be a Zoologist. I love animals; I would like to study them, take cool pictures and be in their environment.

XC: What advice or message can you give young aspirants wanting to enter the craft/industry?

FMV: I recommend that you keep up with the industry, see what programs are used and study them; study the work of artists who work in the company in which you would like to work, but mainly know your fundamentals. Study and practice a lot on your own, interact with other artists, enter to contests and promote your work in ArtStation, Facebook, Instagram, etc. These had worked for me and many others that’s for sure, but everyone has his own history and path 😉

Want to see more of Mr. Fernando Mata Vasquez’s amazing works? Click here!

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